Monday, September 19, 2011

Time is flying past and i feel like i'm being left behind!! I now work full time - well sort of.  I work school hours 5 days a week and with driving Brooke to dancing 3 nights a week, Daniel and Kurt at the orthodontist every fortnight, kids hair cuts this week, Kurt now having to go to the hand specialist/blood tests/x-rays, birthday parties - i'm feeling a bit out of control.  I havent been to the gym for nearly 2 weeks (suffered headaches last week), we went away on Friday arvo when the kids got home from school for the weekend to our place down the south coast (organised food, clothes, tried to leave the house tidy before we left) and then came home sunday morning for a footy luncheon and felt very rushed.  The washing still has to be done, school clothes organised, dinners to be cooked and food in the pantry for lunches and recesses.  I wish we could pop a pill for dinners and wear disposable clothes!!!
This week the parents are invited to watch Brooke's dance classes so no gym tonight.  So tomorrow night i'll go to the gym early and go and watch dancing, then off to have nails done at 9.15pm!!!
Anyway, enough rambling, "back to it" is this week's mantra!!!
Have a good productive week everyone!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just plodding along! Doing lots of heavy weights to failure *yay*. Havent done cardio for 2 weeks coz i hurt my lower back then had a flemmy chest that just made me cough when i went on the cross trainer - i sounded like a 50 a day smoker!!
Back into cardio today. Did 4 x 10 (failure) each of chest, back and abs then 5 mins of cardio, then repeat the whole thing 4 times (different exercises each round). Did mountain climber (hate that machine) then crosstrainer - 5 mins including 4 x 30 seconds of hiit each time.
Eating really good except weekend treat - i know, i know - i gotta get over this weekend thing! Have been reading jamie eason's 12 week challenge on she's giving me inspiration - its basically what i'm doing now anyway. i've just got to be more consistant on the weekends.
A lady in the shops yeterday told me there's 16 weeks til christmas - eeks !!!! Is that a 16 week challenge i hear in the background!!!!!
Have a great week everyone :)