Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Tea

You may remember me banging on about my back/pelvis problems?? !!!! Well every so often it gets so unbearable or sometimes I even "pop" a back rib out (OMG I feel as though someone is stabbing a hot knife into my lungs and muscles). I then go to my "muscle whisperer".  I have been to many, many massage therapists/chiros in my time but Denis is the only one that has ever done magic! I have only found him recently (within the last 12 months).  I would go to him more regularly but I cant really afford it.  He's not that expensive its just that my health benefit only gives me $10 back out of $80 and there is an annual limit to claim.  However, I will make more of an effort to see him this year.
Anyway, as he was "talking" to my muscles we got talking about health/diet/weights (I don't know how he hears me when Im talking into a hole in the table, but it is quiet in there) and he was talking about acid/alkaline foods.  He said the best thing you can drink is white tea.  I'm going to google this but I remember him saying its good for your gastro system, flushes out toxins and stops the bloating.  Thinking it was going to cost a bomb as I've neve seen it before, he said you can get it from Coles.  So as soon as I walked out from my massage I went straight to Coles and found it!  $3.59 for a pack of 25.  He said to drink 6 cups a day (you can do 2 cups at a time with the same teabag).  This is what i'll be doing next Monday. 
My diet and weight training has stalled - i've decided to wait til the kids go back to school on Monday to get back into a routine. I go back to work full time then. We have Austalia Day on Thursday 26th Jan and we are having a big street party - need I say more!! If I find some good info on white tea I will post the link. I'm also waiting for my Project Life to arrive so I start that - wish it would hurry. I put on a self tan last night - i just love Naked Tan - it makes me look slimmer and my arms a bit more toned - gotta love that!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just to clarify

Even though I rant and rave about my unwanted and unwelcomed long term borders aka muffin top and gut,  I need to clarify something about my previous photo of said culprits in my white jeans.  I do not look like this normally - see photo below.

Its only when I squash them into something that they clearly don't fit into!!! Not to say that they're not there - they are lurking under there - just spread out evenly!!!

Just to clarify .......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals 2012

I don’t feel like its a race against time to get in shape for an occasion this year.  I’m not going to continue with Bodytrim at the moment.  I will focus on a 4040/20 macros for my diet but if the carbs are stalling my weightloss I might try 50/30/20 for a while.  So, I have an ultimate goal in my mind and as soon as I find a photo that depicts my mind’s image I will post it!
But, in my first goal I am including my skin.  It was really great before we went away but with the sun, beach not so good diet, lots of alcohol and not drinking my usual 2-3 litres of water a day, my skin has suffered.  I have worked hard to reverse the damage caused by sunbaking and smoking as a teenager and in my 20’s  and have had fantastic results (no “procedure” or botox or fillers! – just good health, exercise and some fantastic, albeit expensive, face creams). So working on that is a must! 
I have recorded  my stats – not stressing on these – just as a comparison for later on. I will post them next blog.
So, goals for 2012 - Healthy, Healthy, Healthy!
Phase 1 – to fit into these:-

Nothing special about these pants.  They are a size 10.  When I bought them before Christmas they were just a tad snug – no real serious muffin top – if I wore a hip length top there was no probs.  Can’t say that now !!!  Yikes!!
I am aiming for 8 weeks – I’ve really got to start my metabolism firing again. I am doing a 4 day split lifting weights with 30mins interval cardio – xtrainer or tready.  Clean eating and maybe a cheat of a couple of low carb beers. I'm hoping that because I'm not dieting for a specific date I won't feel so pressured and anxious about it and not become obsessed about it.  I want this year to actually enjoy the ride and feel the benefits and be encouraged by the healthy aspects and just feel great.
So, 12th March will complete phase 1 and I will set phase 2 before then!

Bring it on!

Back to the real world

We are back from hols today and back to work for me tomorrow - boo.  But more importantly - back to the gym tomorrow night.  All in all I didnt do too bad these hols but i'm really looking forward to getting back into it.  I want to feel energised again and strengthen up my back and shoulders as I am suffering from extreme back aches.  So, I am going to set out my long term goals and break them down into mini goals and check them off as I go. I will post this in the next few days.
I am also doing a Project Life inspired by Libby and Jackie and will post piccies of this as I do them.
The kids still have 2 more weeks of our Christmas hols so things wont go back to normal until February.  I will also devote more time to blogging this year! and post more pics coz I think blogs are pretty boring without pics so i will finish this post with a piccie of what we saw everyday on hols ...
This was taken at Corrimal beach around 6.30pm on an overcast day - very peaceful for an afternoon walk

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We are on hols - yay - the first of the year for me.  We are down the coast, on the beach, lots of sun, sand, cheese plates and beers.  I am doing surprisingly good this year.  Usually by the end of the hols I cannot fit into any of my shorts and have gone from bikini top to tankini top to cover the bloated bulges!!!
This year (apart from christmas/boxing day) i'm sticking to bodytrim diet (one serve of carbs a day) and am drinking low carb beer.  Have only had one cheese plate so far and didnt eat the crackers.  However, my cal intake is higher than normal due to the beers.  Each Tooheys White Stag beer is only 3g carbs, 0 fat, 100 cals - not bad until you have half a dozen!!!! thats half my daily cal intake!! beer free day today (I hope).