Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Tea

You may remember me banging on about my back/pelvis problems?? !!!! Well every so often it gets so unbearable or sometimes I even "pop" a back rib out (OMG I feel as though someone is stabbing a hot knife into my lungs and muscles). I then go to my "muscle whisperer".  I have been to many, many massage therapists/chiros in my time but Denis is the only one that has ever done magic! I have only found him recently (within the last 12 months).  I would go to him more regularly but I cant really afford it.  He's not that expensive its just that my health benefit only gives me $10 back out of $80 and there is an annual limit to claim.  However, I will make more of an effort to see him this year.
Anyway, as he was "talking" to my muscles we got talking about health/diet/weights (I don't know how he hears me when Im talking into a hole in the table, but it is quiet in there) and he was talking about acid/alkaline foods.  He said the best thing you can drink is white tea.  I'm going to google this but I remember him saying its good for your gastro system, flushes out toxins and stops the bloating.  Thinking it was going to cost a bomb as I've neve seen it before, he said you can get it from Coles.  So as soon as I walked out from my massage I went straight to Coles and found it!  $3.59 for a pack of 25.  He said to drink 6 cups a day (you can do 2 cups at a time with the same teabag).  This is what i'll be doing next Monday. 
My diet and weight training has stalled - i've decided to wait til the kids go back to school on Monday to get back into a routine. I go back to work full time then. We have Austalia Day on Thursday 26th Jan and we are having a big street party - need I say more!! If I find some good info on white tea I will post the link. I'm also waiting for my Project Life to arrive so I start that - wish it would hurry. I put on a self tan last night - i just love Naked Tan - it makes me look slimmer and my arms a bit more toned - gotta love that!


  1. I actually found a box of white tea in my cupboard that I had gotten from my mother a while back. Didn't even know I had it! I was looking for chamomile one night and there it was! I thought of you :) I can't wait to start drinking it but I am cutting out all caffeine at the moment. Let me know how it goes.

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!