Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals 2012

I don’t feel like its a race against time to get in shape for an occasion this year.  I’m not going to continue with Bodytrim at the moment.  I will focus on a 4040/20 macros for my diet but if the carbs are stalling my weightloss I might try 50/30/20 for a while.  So, I have an ultimate goal in my mind and as soon as I find a photo that depicts my mind’s image I will post it!
But, in my first goal I am including my skin.  It was really great before we went away but with the sun, beach not so good diet, lots of alcohol and not drinking my usual 2-3 litres of water a day, my skin has suffered.  I have worked hard to reverse the damage caused by sunbaking and smoking as a teenager and in my 20’s  and have had fantastic results (no “procedure” or botox or fillers! – just good health, exercise and some fantastic, albeit expensive, face creams). So working on that is a must! 
I have recorded  my stats – not stressing on these – just as a comparison for later on. I will post them next blog.
So, goals for 2012 - Healthy, Healthy, Healthy!
Phase 1 – to fit into these:-

Nothing special about these pants.  They are a size 10.  When I bought them before Christmas they were just a tad snug – no real serious muffin top – if I wore a hip length top there was no probs.  Can’t say that now !!!  Yikes!!
I am aiming for 8 weeks – I’ve really got to start my metabolism firing again. I am doing a 4 day split lifting weights with 30mins interval cardio – xtrainer or tready.  Clean eating and maybe a cheat of a couple of low carb beers. I'm hoping that because I'm not dieting for a specific date I won't feel so pressured and anxious about it and not become obsessed about it.  I want this year to actually enjoy the ride and feel the benefits and be encouraged by the healthy aspects and just feel great.
So, 12th March will complete phase 1 and I will set phase 2 before then!

Bring it on!

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