Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We are on hols - yay - the first of the year for me.  We are down the coast, on the beach, lots of sun, sand, cheese plates and beers.  I am doing surprisingly good this year.  Usually by the end of the hols I cannot fit into any of my shorts and have gone from bikini top to tankini top to cover the bloated bulges!!!
This year (apart from christmas/boxing day) i'm sticking to bodytrim diet (one serve of carbs a day) and am drinking low carb beer.  Have only had one cheese plate so far and didnt eat the crackers.  However, my cal intake is higher than normal due to the beers.  Each Tooheys White Stag beer is only 3g carbs, 0 fat, 100 cals - not bad until you have half a dozen!!!! thats half my daily cal intake!! beer free day today (I hope).

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