Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't Faint !

I am posting - don 't faint !!!  i am such a bad blogger but really i have made no progress weight loss wise and in fact am worse off.  My reason - not excuse - is socialising and drinking.  Being a busy mum of 3 and working nearly full time (like many women) who would want to pass up an opportunity to kick back, unwind, catch up with fab friends, have a few drinks and have some fun?????
So i find myself in the predicament of running out of time.  Its just over 4 weeks til chrissy and for us aussies that means kids are on school hols for 6 weeks, its our summer and its bikini time.  We will go away to our van down the south coast and literally live on the beach for a few weeks.  Eeeeeeeek!
So i'm going back to what works for me - Bodytrim.  An aussie personal trainer is making a bomb with his no/low carb programme and ive done it before with success.  It basically getting your body into ketosis. This is for fat loss only - not for building.  I will do a bit of weight training just to keep the muscle i have but concentrating on the fat loss.  Its also non cardio - he recommends only walking.  All the work is done in the kitchen.
Day 2 and a piece of cake (hahahaha) so far. This is what i'm eating:-
M1  6 egg white omlette with onions, zuccinis and mushrooms, coffee
M2  mini protein bar and coffee
M3  100g slice of chicken meatloaf (chicken mince, egg whites, spices and bake in loaf tin) and brocoli
M4  fat free chilli tuna and cauliflower mash
M5  beef casserole (extra lean rump steak strips, capsicum, zuccinis, spice, curry powder in croc pot til tender) with brocoli
M6  mini protein bar and tea
you can have one serve of carbs a day and i have opted for allbran cereal (to keep me regular) but i didnt have that today.  I will probably have that 1 hour before my workout to give me energy. Tomorrow i will include flaxseed oil, glucosamine tablets and super krill oil tabs and maybe a multi.
I did a 45 minute incline interval treadmill walk at 6.4kmph and a few heavy sets on the adducter machine for my inner thighs.
I feel good and confident as i have done this successfully before - its a race against the clock!


  1. You'll do fab. I love your attitude that it's a race against the clock. I'm at the "it's too late so why bother phase" even though I've still got 4 weeks left till Fiji. Kids make things so difficult. Mine are giving me a lot of grief at the moment and I tend to turn to food :-(.

  2. I am very inspired by your determination to only eat 1 portion of starch a day. I am going to try to eat (or drink) more vegetables and see if I can't cut my starches way down too. I'm going to try and restrict my calories a bit again now that I am going into the final phase of the fit trainer. I want to lose a pound of fat each week until Christmas. Is that too much to ask??!! I want these damn saddlebags GONE! Keep posting!!

  3. Hey Amanda! Keep posting girl!
    It was great to hear from you, and it sounds like this plan of yours works. Good for you!
    What is Ketosis by the way?
    I'm hoping the lower carb will help shed this fat for me, the carbs are killing me!