Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Made It Back !

I finally made it back to the gym last night. Did a really good weights workout. Its amazing how I didn't lose a lot of strength. When I had finished my HST cycle about 2 months or so ago I hadn't really done any consistent serious weight sessions. Last night I found I had only dropped 1kg - 2kg per arm - not bad. However, I notitced I've lost definition in my arms (sob, sob). As for the cardio - thats another story !!!!!! Need a lot of work on that one.
I was going to do a cardio session tonight but would you believe - the gym is upgrading all their cardio equipment and won't be able to use them for 2 days !!! I might just do some floor work with weights at home tonight.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

No progress whatsoever this last week. Lets see, recovering from being sick, organising and sewing Brooke's (12yo daughter) dance costume (huge drama there) cant seem to find motivation and just generally looking after family life.
Had Brooke's swim/sleepover birthday party last night - pizza, chocolate cake, m&m's, chips, pancakes for breakfast etc, etc, etc and of course I had to eat it as well - bummer. After the girls all went home at lunchtime today, Brooke and I went into Westfields to do some shopping and I picked up this lovely black and white haulter dress for $28 !!! Fits perfectly, non iron and hides all my bad bits and shows off the good ones. Great - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! I need things that make me look yuck and to put the fear in me to get back on track!!!!
I'm going for a walk tonight (when it cools down - its been 35 degrees (centigrade) today. I'll have to walk a few suburbs away to find the big hilly streets (very flat where I live) but my gym closes 12noon on a Sunday (a bit frustrating). I'm going to plan my menu for this week (and also the rest of the family's menu) organise my workout sessions, pull my head in and just DO IT !!!
Keep you posted !!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stop the roundabout - I wanna get off !!

Dinner - with my best friends. Favourite Italian restaurant. Girlfriend drove - picked us up. BYO - took champagne. Had cocktails before dinner. DISASTER !!!!
We ate so much we were going to vomit. AARRGGHH. I think I need to go to a hypnotherapist. This is getting out of hand. I need to browse other blogs today for inspiration and motivation. Please direct me if you know of anything that will help my poor weak soul !!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been sick for the past 5 days - lethargy, nauseus, aching joints. I can feel my slow growing muscles that i've worked so hard to get wither away daily. My bum has suddenly got free reign and is getting bigger and saggier.
The kids have had lunch orders at the canteen everyday now. Dinners are scrappy and i'm barely getting the washing done.
Mentally - i couldnt care less. I'm thinking about buying the next size up in jeans. *groan*
How do you get momentum again when you start feeling better? How do you get in the zone again?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oops !

Sorry, I left out an ingredient in my protein pancakes recipe - oats. So this is how it should read:-
2 egg whites
1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup quick oats
3 heaped tablespoons unprocessed bran

blitz with hand held bamix. cook as normal (i use olive oil in the frypan to get my daily good oil quota)

top with frozen berries that have been microwaved for a minute (makes it juicy) and low fat yoghurt.
I must have been carb deficient and was feeling light headed when I wrote this (hahaha) Hope you make them. Enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Why is it that dieting or even clean eating lifestyle is like a house of cards? You get tempted by one thing, give in and eat it and the whole house comes tumbling down.

Yesterday - halloween ! Here in Australia we dont celebrate as seriously as America but our kids still went trick or treating and I also had to have a bowl of stash ready for our doorbell to go off.

So I'm emptying the packets of crap (I mean treats!) into the bowl and how can I resist the choccies????? I only let my kids eat the lollies or choccies that come pre-packed individually so I provide the same. I'm talking Time Outs, mini dairy milk bars, mini mars bars and when I got started I started scoffing the boiled lollies and redskins - I dont even like them *aaarrrggghhh*.

So the cards kept tumbling, and tumbling, and tumbling down.

I said to hubby that he can organise dinner (I rarely do this) and of course - he ordered pizza - the lazy sod. And I ate and ate and ate. My 12 yo daughter Brooke came home from a trick or treat birhday party later on and guess what????? - I started scoffing the ones she didnt like.

I went to bed feeling sick and my heart racing with all the chemicals running through my veins.

How do you resist the temptation? How do you stop at just one? Its going to take me all week at the gym just to catch up - and thats just for last weekend. I'm still catching up from the weekend before and the one before that !!!!!