Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was at the shopping centre (shopping mall for american readers!!!) with my eldest (he turned 14 last week) for more school clothes. I didnt have lunch before we went so i was desperate for a coffee (Gloria Jeans capaccino, skim soy extra hot). Did all the shops for school clothes (in all 4 corners of the centre - we walked for miles) and came up with nothing! Anyway, we stopped for something to eat. Kurt chose McDonalds (doesnt have it often) and after much mental torment going on in my brain i chose a rice paper roll with salmon and salad in it. We sat in the food court to eat it (gosh you see some sights in those places!) and i really thought i was going to buckle and get something else. Then, I spotted a couple who sat down near us. I was trying so hard not to stare. The woman was probably early to mid 50's, average looking. Why was I staring????? She had an amazing figure and was wearing trendy, fashionable clothes without looking like "mutton dressed up as lamb". She looked awesome - nothing expensive - black tights, knee high black boots, white top and a black aviator style leather jacket (just like I have). Wow she looked fantastic. It stopped me from crumbling and buying something bad to eat. I just wanted to look like her now and she would have been 5 years older than me. I have her image burned into my brain - everytime I start to weaken I will think of this unknown lady in the shopping centre. I would have liked to tell her she was an inspiration but I thought that would have been a bit creepy!!!!! It makes me realise I just have to keep on plodding on with clean eating and the gym and one day I might be that lady in the shopping centre that someone looks at and gets inspiration from.
What was she eating? sushi and a gloria jeans coffee (skim milk I bet !!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 - 25 - 35

.... my macro ratio - 40% protein, 25% carb and 35% fat. I know some people think the carb is too low and the fat probably too high but it's kinda been working lately. My body responds to low carb - its been proven. The fat ??? not sure. This is normally higher than what i'm used to but research proves you need the good fats. My skin is really dry this winter and i'm struggling a bit with it so I'm sure this will help. The fats are mainly from nuts, olive oil and fish oil supps - all good. So this is typically how my diet will be this week:-
M1 - Allbran and skim milk, 3 fish oil caps
M2 - 5 egg white and tomato omlette cooked in 5ml olive oil
M3 - 13g almonds, 1/2 tub fat free yoghurt or fat free cottage cheese
M4 - tuna salad and dressing - 10ml olive oil, balsamic vinegar
M5 - protein powder pudding (mix with a little water and newk) and 1 tab fat free yougurt
M6 - 100g protein, steamed veg
M7 - protein pudding and 1tab fat free yoghurt
add a few cups of tea, skin hair and nail tonic and maybe a coffee
Total cals 1200 - 120g protein, 75g carb, 46g fat
I didn't go to the gym tonight coz my back and pelvis are aching too much so i dropped a protein pudding - i'm not at all hungry.
Cant wait to see the results of the diet !!! (fingers crossed!)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow - a reality check

I havent done a food diary in weeks. got cockey - thought i knew my stuff - thought i could visualise. Well, i was WRONG !!!!!! i didnt eat much last Friday - too busy trying to squeeze in work, organising kids for movies, pick ups, etc and some shopping. So i got to the afternoon and thought i havent eaten much, not sure what to have and really - how many cals have i eaten??? so i sat on the computer and pulled up my food log document did a quick calculation and amazed myself that i only had 200 cals left to eat dinner and a post workout meal. eeeeekkkk!
Back to basics girl. It was good food though - i added 1/2 banana to bran cereal for breakkie, had 2 serves of nuts instead of one, had other 1/2 banana with tub yoghurt, extra tin of tuna and an egg yolk with my egg white omlette. But calories add up. So a bit more research on the net, decided to do macros 40, 40, 20 for weight loss and plan out and document daily food.
I just need to lean down enough to be able to start eating more and building muscle - that's when the fun starts!. im really working out hard with heavy weights to failure (well hard and heavy in a calorie deficit) so i've refocussed, reassessed and got back to basics.
BTW I didnt wear the skinnies i had planned for my dinner I had but was very happy with the measurements i got down to. (will post piccies when my girlfriends send them to me - my camera battery died)
New Goal - 2.5cm or 1 inch off widest part of bum in 14 days !!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

just thought i'd share with anyone that is interested .............
wooohoooo !! 4cm. Doing lots of weighted floor exercises and romanian deadlifts. Now, if my diet was 100% instead of 85-90% who knows what could happen. My kids are on school term holidays and there's just more snacking food floating around. Temptation = loss of willpower .... bring on school term!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Its amazing reading all the blogs i follow how many girls are in prep and its coming up or it is peak week for them. I dont know how these girls do it - 12 weeks of strict diet and workouts - i cant even do 12 days straight let alone 12 weeks. AND some of these girls have jobs and families to look after - they really are suuperwomen. Its kinda peak week for me atm - i had a reprieve with my mini challenge - it was supposed to end 4th July but the barby got moved a couple of weeks so it will end this weekend. Diet has been good except for yesterday but i knew it would happen. It was my eldest's 14th birthday and we had the fam over for nibbles and cake (and champers - oh how i love my champers!!). Its all good - I'm not beating myself up, i'll treat it as a cheat meal. Back on it today. I measured the widest part of my bum last night - you know, the bit under the cheeks that have the saddlebags at the sides!!!!! well I lost 3cm !!!! whether it was the weighted floor exercises or just a coincidence in timing - who knows? I'm not even going to get on the scales - its not important how much I weigh just the measurements. I'm just going to plod along, heavy workouts and cardio hiit, 1200 clean cals with low carbs and CONSISTENCY!! Might change the diet after around 4 weeks coz i might end up in a plateau, have to research that one.
Have a good week everyone :)