Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year - New Way

After doing a lot of research i've decided to use an on line trainer. I'm having problems fine tuning my clean eating diet, my workouts are stale and i'm not inclined to work outside my comfort zone.
This guy tells me exactly what to eat, when and exactly what weights to do and when. I've just filled in the paperwork so i havent got my programme yet - hopefully in the next few days. He is based in the US so there is always a 12-24 hour turnover with emails. It is a 12 week programme to start with then re-assess the need to keep going with him. He trains women for bodybuilding comps so I know he is focussed on muscles and definition - not just being slim.
I'm hoping to start on 31st January - the day the kids go back to school - with their school term being 10 weeks. Hopefully by next school hols i can get into my bikini coz we can normally squeeze one last beach swim in if the weaher is fine - after that the water gets too cold.
I dont think I'll go off track with this guy - you have to check in with him and be accountable and also its just a waste of money if i dont do it.
I'm excited - keep you posted !!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prepping IS the Answer

Tuesday I shopped for fresh fruit and veg, went to the supermarket so I was well stocked. Wednesday I felt so nauseas and tired so after work I prepped and cooked my meals for the next 2 days. IT WORKS !! I can go to the fridge for a meal or just a nibble and its there ready - no diving into the biscuit barrel coz I can't be bothered making something.
I dug out my old issues of Oxygen magazines and will start re-reading them - some of the recipes sound unreal ! Things are feeling POSITIVE !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back on the Wagon (again !!!)

Well, Christmas, New Years Eve, summer school holidays here in Australia = lots of champagne !!! not good. We have a place down the south coast on the beach that we go to most holidays and it is very social with lots of cheese plates and drinkies at the end of the day. Compared to other years I think I did OK. However, i'm back home and things have to get back to normal - even if kids don't go back for another 2 1/2 weeks.
I shopped yesterday and today I'll start cooking and prepping food for the next few days. I think i'll do the cook twice a week plan as i have to cook for my 3 kids and hubby. I know that the kids should be eating the majority of what i'm eating but in the real world that just does NOT happen. I read some articles in the Australian Oxygen mag written by John Davies and he documented the diet in great detail of a girl prepping for a bobybuilding contest. Very enlightening !!!! I'm going to have a crack at doing this diet for around 4 weeks just to strip some fat off my body (if anyone understands this term you could call me skinny fat) just to see the muscles a bit underneath - i know they are there somewhere !!!!!
Anyway I'm off to work today *blah* so I'll have to cook when I get home.