Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year - New Way

After doing a lot of research i've decided to use an on line trainer. I'm having problems fine tuning my clean eating diet, my workouts are stale and i'm not inclined to work outside my comfort zone.
This guy tells me exactly what to eat, when and exactly what weights to do and when. I've just filled in the paperwork so i havent got my programme yet - hopefully in the next few days. He is based in the US so there is always a 12-24 hour turnover with emails. It is a 12 week programme to start with then re-assess the need to keep going with him. He trains women for bodybuilding comps so I know he is focussed on muscles and definition - not just being slim.
I'm hoping to start on 31st January - the day the kids go back to school - with their school term being 10 weeks. Hopefully by next school hols i can get into my bikini coz we can normally squeeze one last beach swim in if the weaher is fine - after that the water gets too cold.
I dont think I'll go off track with this guy - you have to check in with him and be accountable and also its just a waste of money if i dont do it.
I'm excited - keep you posted !!!!


  1. Best of luck with it Amanda. I've used a few online trainers but I'm not real good about being told what to eat. Currently I use the Red Carpet Ready program by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters. She is just great. Real down to the earth and I've gotten so much support via the online forum. Who are you using?


  2. Hey Amanda! I wanted to stop by and tell you that TOM stands for Time of Month for us women. You were right. LOL

    How is your online training going?


  3. im with ya.. i need to fine tune my diet as well.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message! It's nice to find like-minded women who have a passion for being fit and healthy! My husband has no interest in my passion! Hope we can connect and keep each other motivated. Good luck on your new program! I have never used a trainer. I bet you will see awesome results!