Saturday, February 26, 2011

How this on-line trainer thing is going .....

Well its been ages since i've blogged so bear with me while I recap. After FINALLY getting my programme I started with new enthusiasm and hope to lose this weight (with the extra Christmas and summer holiday fat that has decided to live with me). Seem to have enough food but holy hell - i'm missing my little something with a cup of tea or the humble piece of toast with vegemite or jam (even diet jam would be nice!). Its basically lean protein, green only veg and brown rice OR sweet potato once a day oh, and a bit of porridge thrown in as well and a few almonds and vitamin supplements. No milk *ugh* 5 meals of this !!!!!!! Everything is weighed to the EXACT gram (had to buy digital scales - oh my lord - didnt realise how heavy food is !) Exercise is 4 days a week, moderate weights only at this stage - no cardio yet (yay - I HATE cardio).
Submitted before photos, measurements etc. (yuk) I have to submit on line meal tracker and redo stats every 2 weeks and submit those as well.
Well, its been 3 weeks now. Progress you ask? Not as much as i'd hoped :( 2kgs, a cm or 2 here and there - all upper - nothing off my big fat arse or huge gut. NOT HAPPY JAN !! (I guess only Aussies will get this saying - it was from a tv add years ago and people still quote that saying!) I'm supposing ths is a long term thing but this is one impatient gal! Eating that kind of food has to get there quicker right?????? I befriended a woman on facebook that i read about on this on line trainer's website testimonials and she thoroughly recommended him. Her after photo is exactly how I want to look and she said it took her nearly 6 months (oh good grief) but i'm prepared to do that so at this stage i'll have to be patient (hahahaha).
I'm worried because i have to fit into my little black coctail dress next Saturday night for an engagement party (fingers crossed). Let alone being able to eat anything whilst I'm there !!! And have a champers or 2 and relax and have fun (HA! like that's going to happen).
Anyway, i'm paying for this programme so I will do it. I just have to remember - FOOD IS NOT FOR TASTE OR PLEASURE - I have to think of something else as a treat (whats that noise you ask? oh thats just me sniffing and wiping the tears away pretending it doesnt matter !)
No pain - no gain ! yeah, yeah, yeah - heard it all before !!!!!
Anyway, i'm going to start taking piccies of meals and bits and pieces to make it a bit more motivating and meanwhile scour the blogs I follow for inspiration.
Check in later, have a good weekend !!!


  1. Hi Amanada,

    Sounds like a tough food program but you sound so determined. I know you can do it. I can understand your frustration with a seemingly slow weight loss. I've been "almost" vegan now for 2 weeks and feel with all the foods I'm NOT eating (no more Gloria Jeans Iced Chocs, lollies, biscuits, etc) that the weight should be falling off. But like you I'm down 2 kg. I just keep telling myself that eventually things will start to move - it usually takes my body a few weeks to accept a new way of eating and realized it can actually let go the fat. Maybe you're the same. The thing to remember is you have to change your lifestyle if you want your body to change. It's going to change eating the way you did - well it might change but not the way you want it too :-). Look forward to seeing some of your meals.

  2. Hi Amanda! Just remember that it took you a while to get to the point where you are at so it'll take you a while to get to where you want to be to. Just be patience! It WILL happen if you're consistent and don't deviate from your program. Have you read the scale rant article he wrote? You should read it! Specially since you're new at training with weights or new on his weight lifting program. Keep it up!