Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily food blog

This is what my food looked like today!
Meal 1
oats (made on water only) and blueberries

Meal 2
1 scoop protein powder, apple, almonds and multi vitamin

Meal 3
sweet potato, tuna steak and 3 fish oil caps

This is not on my meal plan from the online trainer but sometimes I just need the pick up it gives. Its a recipe from Gloria Jeans - 1 cup ice, 2 shots of GJ expresso coffee (I have a home capaccino machine!) and 100ml skim milk. Blitz and it turns into a thickshake all for 35 cals !

Meal 4
Barby rump, avacado, salad, multi vitamin

Meal 5 - Post workout
carbs and protein

Gym - weights session delts, shoulders, chest, back, tris, bis
Cardio - busted 500 cals on interval hill climb on treadmill at 6.4kmph - 43 minutes
Time for a shower and bed!
All in all a good day!!!!

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