Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MIA but I'm back

I havent been blogging for a few weeks - well d'oh !! My life has been crazy - lots of ups, downs, in-betweens, worries, anxieties, frustrations, disappointments and unfortunately lots of sadness. And none of those feeling are in relation to my fitness journey.
As a result I have had nearly a week off the gym and 5 days off my diet. I'm feeling tired and flat. I'm not forcing myself to do anything at the moment. But, enough is enough. Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm back into the swing of it. Drag myself out of this dark funk and Nike (just do it !!!).
On a fun note i went away for a 3 day weekend with my husband and 2 other close couples without our kids !!!! After such a horrible couple of weeks it was a welcomed break. We went to our nation's capital - Canberra (very cold at the moment). We did some sites, drank, ate in lovely restaurants and laughed and laughed the whole weekend - just what the doctor ordered !!!

So I will be blogging my dailies and watching my calories. I'm going in hard this time. I was excited to fit into my skinny jeans and they weren't tight. They are an Aussie size 10 which is prob 6-8 USA size? (don't forget i'm 5ft 11in) You cant really see in the photos coz we had our jackets on and the photo of me in the group shot shows my belt sticking out under my jumper looking like a fat belly !!!!
Anyway, this gal is digging deep and rockin' on :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Had a lovely day with lovely prezzies - an animal print faux fur throw electric blanket and jackie collins new book. We went out to the golf club for a few champers and dinner with the kids and friends and had a great laugh and a great time. Broke the diet a bit but hey, its mothers day! Hope all you lovely mums out there had a lovely day :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Progress Pics / Measurements

I did my measurements this morning. I was rushing off to the kids sports so i didnt get to look at the comparison. So here it is. The comparison is from 7th Feb to 7th May but the first 4 weeks I lost very little til I dropped the carbs so really its only 2 months.
Height 180cm 180cm
Weight 68kg / 62.5 -5.5kg
Chest 94/ 90 -4cm
Waist 88/ 70 -18cm
Hips 99 / 89 -10cm
Saddlebags 104 / 95 -9cm
Abdomen 94/ 89 -5cm
Left Thigh 56/ 53 -3cm
Right Thigh 57/ 53 -4cm
Left Arm 29 / 27 -2cm
Right Arm 29 / 27 -2cm
Left Calf 37/ 34 -3cm
Right Calf 38/ 34.5 -3.5cm
I guess I should be pretty excited about the results but looking at the photos below I cant see any difference! I cant seem to be able to do a side by side before and after, i'll have to play around with the software so this is as good as it gets for the moment.

I've got such a long way to go :( Even though I hide a lot in skinny jeans (they suck you in a bit!) and being 5ft 11 inches but in a bikini - sheesh!! maybe i wont have the body for a bikini????? the bikini i have on is at least one size too small but thats the size i want to fit into. anyway, i'm going by my measurements and by my clothes. IM NOT GIVING UP - after all its only been 2 months. I'll give myself another 3 months and do a progress pic and hopefully there will be a BIG difference.
I will get my inspiration from all you gals out there doing great!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm thinking progress pictures ......

i feel leaner, i feel firmer, i feel tighter and boy, do i feel sore!! I think I will take some progress pics on the weekend and do my measurements. I will post them (gasp, shock, horror! - Roxie yes I will post pics of me in a bikini !!!).
It has been 3 months since i started with my trainer (which i might add did not work for me). I did not lose weight til I dropped the carbs - not at his recommendation and i added cardio - also not at his recommendation. However, I did not fit into his "cookie cutter" programme he uses for most people. Not slagging him, just saying he wasnt for me.
Anyhow, watch this space and fingers crossed that there has been progress lol !!!