Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MIA but I'm back

I havent been blogging for a few weeks - well d'oh !! My life has been crazy - lots of ups, downs, in-betweens, worries, anxieties, frustrations, disappointments and unfortunately lots of sadness. And none of those feeling are in relation to my fitness journey.
As a result I have had nearly a week off the gym and 5 days off my diet. I'm feeling tired and flat. I'm not forcing myself to do anything at the moment. But, enough is enough. Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm back into the swing of it. Drag myself out of this dark funk and Nike (just do it !!!).
On a fun note i went away for a 3 day weekend with my husband and 2 other close couples without our kids !!!! After such a horrible couple of weeks it was a welcomed break. We went to our nation's capital - Canberra (very cold at the moment). We did some sites, drank, ate in lovely restaurants and laughed and laughed the whole weekend - just what the doctor ordered !!!

So I will be blogging my dailies and watching my calories. I'm going in hard this time. I was excited to fit into my skinny jeans and they weren't tight. They are an Aussie size 10 which is prob 6-8 USA size? (don't forget i'm 5ft 11in) You cant really see in the photos coz we had our jackets on and the photo of me in the group shot shows my belt sticking out under my jumper looking like a fat belly !!!!
Anyway, this gal is digging deep and rockin' on :)


  1. Eh, we all take a break here and there. I've got ya beat right now. I went on at break for a couple weeks! Haven't blogged in about 2 months either! Yikes! Getting back on that wagon with ya today!

  2. Hey Amanda! I'm so sorry you were having a rough time a few days ago. I hope all is much better now. It's very hard to blog often when you have a busy life... I hear you sister!

    Nice on being able to wear your skinny jeans! This means youre doing something right .. woot woot!

    Hey, a few days ago you said your wrist were hurting you? I added a response to it so I want to make sure you see it. However, I think that what you need is wrist bands - something like this that will keep your wrists nice and tight: