Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm thinking progress pictures ......

i feel leaner, i feel firmer, i feel tighter and boy, do i feel sore!! I think I will take some progress pics on the weekend and do my measurements. I will post them (gasp, shock, horror! - Roxie yes I will post pics of me in a bikini !!!).
It has been 3 months since i started with my trainer (which i might add did not work for me). I did not lose weight til I dropped the carbs - not at his recommendation and i added cardio - also not at his recommendation. However, I did not fit into his "cookie cutter" programme he uses for most people. Not slagging him, just saying he wasnt for me.
Anyhow, watch this space and fingers crossed that there has been progress lol !!!


  1. The basic cookie-cutter stuff *can* work, but I've noticed that it's a good couple of months of experimentation to find something that works, then it's time to change it up anyways!! When/if I start my own PT business, I hope to build a good relationship with my clients so I'm not promising miracles and they have the trust and patience to experiment together!! Sounds like you got one of those pushy promisers!

  2. YAY for pictures! Compare them from a few months ago too, it definitely puts them into perspective for you!

  3. Yay, pictures!!!! I know you'll see progress, as you've made some changes with carbs and such!

    Can't wait, I'll be watching and waiting....patiently. :)