Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 29

i love reading people's blogs and the comments that are made. I love how you can find new and interesting blogs to hook into and they are generally likeminded people, a passion for fitness, and most you can learn from and draw inspiration and motivation.
I stumbled upon a website of Darla's. I love the food videos and her fitness videos. She blogs everyday (unlike mwah !!) and she is superfit, gorgeous and an oldie like me!! Her enthusiasm is infectious and I always get something out of it. She keeps everything simple, you should check her out.
In saying that, there are soooo many fitness gals out there that i follow daily and i never fail to get something from their blogs. Its amazing how helpful people can be and you don't even know them, everyone wants you to succeed!
So, back to my challenge - Roxie had to pull out due to health problems (wish you a speedy recovery) but i'm going to finish it anyway. Due to Easter I had a couple of hiccups but overall not too bad. My points as of today is 24 and it ends tomorrow. Can I make up the 6 points to get the score I was aiming for??? lets wait and see ......


  1. Great job on ending with 24 points!! YOU WON!!!! I probably ended with about 3 1/2!! LOL

    Sorry I had to ditch, I miss working out big time!!

    Thanks for posting Darla's blog link. OMG, I love her blog!!! She looks amazing!! I wanna know what she is doing!

    Hope you are having a good week. I sent you an email back.


  2. So I can't figure out how to message your or let you know that I posted a video on my blog for the shoulder workout you asked about :)

  3. Hi Amanda...thanks for the kudos on my Blog and I apologize for the delayed return...but here I am motivating you and being inspired. Thanks for stopping by, enjoying my Stay Healthy Fitness Blog and keep up the Stay Healthy fitness and nutrition. Take good care! Trainer Pride ~ Stay Healthy! Darla