Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 15

This is all i do on my blog now is to drone on about "the challenge" - how boring for you! sorry, but i'm just obsessed about it at the moment and i guess this is like my diary.
In saying that, day 15 was FAB diet wise, however, did not make it to the gym that night. I had to work in the morning, then come home and do things with the kids (being school holidays), we met up with friends and the kids went and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, did some clothes shopping for them, they went to eb games to spend a voucher they had, drove 1/2 hour home, Brooke packed her bag and i dropped her off to a sleepover, folded 3 loads of washing, put 2 on, cooked dinner and prepped a few more meals for me, went out to the shops to get my girlfriends 50th present (for Saturday night dinner) got home by 7.30 (to watch Biggest Loser) gave up any hopes of the gym as it closes 7pm on fridays (not happy about that) so prepared to watch telly when my son tells me his head is itchy and has nits !!!!!!!!!!! geez, how did that happen?????? so i "listened" to biggest loser while doing the nit thing!!!!
Had a cuppa, watched a couple more shows and went to bed.
Lets see how tonight goes at dinner - wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time with the kids. That's important too! I like hearing about your challenge. It's fantastic that you have a goal you can keep focused on. I am very excited to hear how you are doing each day. Good luck!!