Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11 - back on track

After the pizza incident i'm happy to say i'm back on track! i've taken the kids and a friend of brooke's away to our place down the south coast. Just for 2 days. Hubby back home working. So the gym is out of the question so i did a huge soft sand beach walk instead so i'll count that as my exercise for today. we tend to walk around more when we are down here so i'll count that into my gym allocation.
Proof below

This is me with my eldest - Kurt, aged 13
I've found a journal i used last year and thought i'd start using it again. Roxie uses one for the challenge - great idea, i think i'll do the same, it makes it so much easier and accurate.
Hope you dont mind that i'm copying you Roxie :) I'll take a photo of it and post it on tomorrows blog.
seeya later.


  1. Pleased to hear the pizza incident is behind you. I think you're doing so amazing. I have a gym here on holidays but for the time ever am not well enough to use it :-(. Have a great time. One of these we'll both be in town at the same time and be able to meet up :-).

  2. so jealous! wish I was on a beach right now! We just got rid of the snow last week. Happy to welcome spring North Dakota!