Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 of challenge - even though I only told you about it yesterday

Day 7 and all's well !!!

This is the link to my friend roxie so you can read her side of the story!
I'm taking photos of my meals and will post tomorrow. Pump was awesome last night - can't believe i've never done it before. Off to the gym after Brooke's netball, will do lower and 45 minutes on the tready - hiit.
I'm toying about doing this 60 day challenge that Genie is doing. Cant do the pull ups at home but I was thinking of doing exercises for my trouble spots (a few of my many) and was considering weighted crunches and obliques on the swiss ball, then weighted kickbacks for the glutes and maybe donkey kicks for the saddlebags. Probably start off with 10 for the first day and then 1 extra each day as per challenge. This would not be included in my April challenge - this would be extra. I imagine it would have the same effect as the original 60 day challenge - whatdyathink?
Anyway, housework is screaming at me,

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