Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bugger .....Day 10

Bugger, bugger, bugger and bugger!!!!! I cooked not stop for the kids and their mates all day - all they do is eat and i never weakened. Did groceries with my elder 2 (12 and 13) and told them i was on kitchen strike and they had to organise dinner (dear hubby was busy on the lounge *roll eyes* ). So they chose supermarket pizza - it was fresh not frozen - 3 pizzas for $10 - bargain. So we bring it home, they put it in the oven and when they cut it up it looked really good. so i had a piece - surprisingly nice - not oily or heavy.
And then i had another and another (they were only small pieces prob 2" at the wide end. it wasnt a gorge - it was just really nice. So i'm down to 29 points ... bugger!!!!!
I saw a gorgeous girl with a fantastic figure and her boyfriend shopping when i was in the supermarket and she was putting healthy things into their trolley and i thought to myself "i bet you dont have kids at home and have to deal with kids junk and not so healthy food. i bet you dont have to cook for them and try and resist their leftovers and have crap in the pantry". It would be much easier if my kitchen was a 100% clean for when i get the munchies.
Anyway, lets turn this number to the right direction.
Have a good Monday.

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  1. I feel like a stalker always commenting...sorry! But I just had to say I TOTALLY agree!!!!! It would be 110% easier to eat all clean if we didn't have children. Because let's face it, our kids are not interested in our same nutrition plan, nor should we make them. And as busy mothers, it's sometimes nice to have quick snacks for them (they don't always go for the fruit on the table). Anyway, chin up, Amanda!! You are doin' great. Think of how AWESOME you have done so far.