Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19

Back on track - yay! However, coz its school hols i'm getting to sleep (or rather lie) in. I'm only working half days. I'm finding it hard to fit all my meals in so my cals are down. Have been eating impeccably since the leftovers disaster, but does the lower cals help or harm? I'm obviously not doing as much during the day, still going to the gym at night so i'm a bit confused. I'm not hungry - still confused!! I'll be happy when the kids go back to school - back to my routine and back to pump classes (just cant get to them in the hols).
Its easter this weekend and i've only got one more chance of a gym session - Wednesday night - as we go away thurday arvo. It's upper turn so i think i'll go real heavy and do 4 x 6 sets - just to mix it up and keep the muscles guessing. I'm thinking of getting calipers. I've seen cheap ones $20 and expensive ones $200 whats the difference? can i get by with the cheap ones? are they accurate? would love some help on this one please !!!!!
goodnight for now!


  1. no big differance between the expensive ones and cheap ones,other than gripping ability,and ease of use.....

    good to see you are back on track btw!!!!

  2. Go with the $20 one. They are as accurate as you can get aside from MRI or hydrostatic testing. I've heard they are less accurate if you are either really obese or really lean, but a good tool to keep track from week to week.