Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 12 and 13

Day 12 - all on track - simple as that!!!!!
Day 13 - started using my journal like Roxie great idea - everything there - hope you can enlarge it enough to see.

Yes my carbs are down - thats on purpose. Cals down a bit but i didnt calculate the 2 cups of veges that i had - a bit hard to do when its a mixed cup of fresh veg. i also didnt calculate my skim milk in tea - should start doing that but i would only have around 100ml in total which is only 35 cals and 5g carbs. Does anyone factor in fish oil caps calories in their fats? there is nothing on the bottle telling me cals so how do you count them?
Great workout at the gym. Feeling good !!!
Now for a good night sleep,


  1. Wow, that is super impressive. Good for you!

  2. Such commitment. Seeing your tracker takes me back to my body for life days :-).