Tuesday, March 22, 2011

But there's more .......

I knew it was coming, i knew i was going to binge a bit, i expected it, i did it, now i'm making up for it!!!!!!
Saturday night - we had a group of friends around for dinner, i cooked greek salad, garlic rosemary roast potatoes, barby rump steak - all not too bad. But there's more - my girlfriend brought over a cheese plate, another girlfriend bought over lemon cream cupcakes to have with coffee. But there's more - a box of favourites chocolates and a packet of rum'n'raisin dark tim tams!!! But there's more - quite a few bottles of champers!!!!! OMG it was nice, i was full and now i'm accountable for it.
Sunday wasnt too good as we ate the leftovers but i enjoyed it.
This week I will get rid of it and then some!!
Monday night I did my first ever pump class and loved it (1 hour of cardio done with barbells and dumbbells - unbelievable. Tonight I did a 45 min hill climb interval walk on the tready -15% incline 7kph speed - blasted over 500 cals. Eating back on track - damage control is in effect!!
Lets see how the progress stats are at the end of the week hehehe
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nearly the weekend !!!!

Very tired today. Work gets harder by the end of the week and energy levels drop. BUT i AM going to the gym tonight. Brooke's netball season has started (she's in u/13 this year - how did that happen? wasnt she 8 yo the last time I thought about it ?????). First training session is tonight - 6-7.30pm then i'm off to the gym. The boys have footy training - hubby's organising that as he is the coach. So dinner for the rest of the fam is in the oven and on the stove - home made lasagne *the smell is killing me its soo good* and steamed veges.
I've just cooked some fresh salmon fillet and broc for dinner.
After dropping a seving of carb and doing hill climbs on the tready the weight is coming off - yay!! My o-l trainer said that even though i'm lifting weights to muscle fatigue i wont build muscle (being on a caloric deficient diet) but i really feel that my delts are starting to define a bit and bi's and tri's are too!!! I dont think its coz i'm leaning down a bit either. Last year i lost more weight than i have so far now and i didnt see any definition pop through at all.
So there you go - things are lookin' good !!!!! That will inspire me to work harder at the gym tonight. They have a new stepper type cross trainer that i tried last night - sheesh - it was like climbing the stairs 3 at a time while doing the cross trainer. My goal is tonight is 550 cals between that machine and the tready. I'll do my last lower workout for the week tomorrow night.
Then home at 9pm to watch the biggest loser (Australia) and off to bed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

this week

Its been a good week. no falling off the wagon, eating really good, going to the gym (although i was so buggered by friday arvo i just couldnt go to the gym - i was so tired i was starting to feel sick. i have a very physical job, running around after kids sports etc and fighting a massive mouth infection (wtf where did that come from?). my dentist said it was probably a blocked gland in the gum from any number of reasons but it took alot of antibiotics to get rid of it. not to mention squeezing in sinus and head scans the dentist wanted me to have just to be on the safe side coz it got so bad my ears started hurting !!!!
anyway i had to do a biweekly report to the o-l trainer and was very dismayed - a cm here maybe another one there. nothing to reflect the amount of effort ive put in. so i took things into my own hands and tweaked my diet a bit (sshhh, dont tell him). i have cut out one carb portion a day, did some hill climb interval walking on the treadmill after i do his weights workout programme and by today - sunday - my muffin top is going away - yeeeeeehaaaaaaa!
I know my body stores carbs like there is a world shortage coming on!!!. after reading one of my favourite blogs (cant remember which one!!!) she said different things work for different bodies and even though my o-l trainer says to eat these carbs i knew i was eating too many carbs for me to lose the weight. after i have leaned down and when i start building muscle i will eat as many carbs as he wants me to but this is working now so i'm gonna stick with it.
anyway, just a quick catch up, hope everyone has a slimming, energised week ahead!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hangin' in .....

Its been a while since i've posted - been extremely busy with kids - sports - fooyt and netball, we are going through the grading process at the moment. Brooke has had some doosies of assignments so I've been helping her with that.

Progress so far. HHmmmmmm, let me see. Diet has been good. At the end of the day i've eaten what the online trainer has said but maybe not in the exact sequence he has outlined. Does that matter? I'm afraid to ask coz when he responded to my biweekly report and meal tracker he was disappointed that i had deviated a couple of times in the 3 weeks of dieting. And those deviations were mostly that I didnt eat all the food!!!!!! He is quite obsessed about the food - you know, commitment and all that which is great, i am commited, but he doesnt understand that with kids, things pop up and stop you from doing what you had planned. Im not saying I wolfed down a bucket of hot chips or anything like that, i was very good with my food but when you are at somebodies house you cant ask the host to weigh the steak that he has just bar-b-qued for you and then whip out your protein shake and drink that in front of everyone now can you? !!! So i just guessed the steak size of 115gms and had a salad with it - maybe more than a cup of the green stuff as required - who knows!!!!!! I think thats good enough in the circumstances and I'm happy with that.
We went to an engagement party Saturday night - we had dinner at home beforehand and I drank water all night and one coke zero - yay me. I offered to drive so i knew i couldnt drink. And the worst part ?? - an open bar with free champagne !!! OMG that was testing my commitment, i can tell you!

Training was been good - doing everything that i've been told to do plus some treadmill hill HIIT. Not supposed to do it but I had to make sure i fitted into the little black dress for the engagement party. I did fit into it but a few little lumps more than when i wore it 6 months ago - still looked good though. why do i worry? some of the things women wear ASTOUND me. dont these people have mirrors?

Anyway, another week ahead, I might post some progress stats if worthy enough. Not ready to share piccies yet !!!!

Have a great week everyone :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Note to self ......

Note to self ......
OMG - i was nearly dilerious half way through (it wasnt grocery shopping - just bits and pieces at Westfields). I wasnt having any luck getting what was on my list and my head was spinning and I started to feel desperate. I had to walk through the food court a few times *aarrgghh*. I kept it together and got home as quickly as I could. I'm NEVER going to do that again !! I hope :)