Monday, March 7, 2011

Hangin' in .....

Its been a while since i've posted - been extremely busy with kids - sports - fooyt and netball, we are going through the grading process at the moment. Brooke has had some doosies of assignments so I've been helping her with that.

Progress so far. HHmmmmmm, let me see. Diet has been good. At the end of the day i've eaten what the online trainer has said but maybe not in the exact sequence he has outlined. Does that matter? I'm afraid to ask coz when he responded to my biweekly report and meal tracker he was disappointed that i had deviated a couple of times in the 3 weeks of dieting. And those deviations were mostly that I didnt eat all the food!!!!!! He is quite obsessed about the food - you know, commitment and all that which is great, i am commited, but he doesnt understand that with kids, things pop up and stop you from doing what you had planned. Im not saying I wolfed down a bucket of hot chips or anything like that, i was very good with my food but when you are at somebodies house you cant ask the host to weigh the steak that he has just bar-b-qued for you and then whip out your protein shake and drink that in front of everyone now can you? !!! So i just guessed the steak size of 115gms and had a salad with it - maybe more than a cup of the green stuff as required - who knows!!!!!! I think thats good enough in the circumstances and I'm happy with that.
We went to an engagement party Saturday night - we had dinner at home beforehand and I drank water all night and one coke zero - yay me. I offered to drive so i knew i couldnt drink. And the worst part ?? - an open bar with free champagne !!! OMG that was testing my commitment, i can tell you!

Training was been good - doing everything that i've been told to do plus some treadmill hill HIIT. Not supposed to do it but I had to make sure i fitted into the little black dress for the engagement party. I did fit into it but a few little lumps more than when i wore it 6 months ago - still looked good though. why do i worry? some of the things women wear ASTOUND me. dont these people have mirrors?

Anyway, another week ahead, I might post some progress stats if worthy enough. Not ready to share piccies yet !!!!

Have a great week everyone :)

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  1. ya for staying (mostly)on point with nutrition!
    and yes,post progress stats!