Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nearly the weekend !!!!

Very tired today. Work gets harder by the end of the week and energy levels drop. BUT i AM going to the gym tonight. Brooke's netball season has started (she's in u/13 this year - how did that happen? wasnt she 8 yo the last time I thought about it ?????). First training session is tonight - 6-7.30pm then i'm off to the gym. The boys have footy training - hubby's organising that as he is the coach. So dinner for the rest of the fam is in the oven and on the stove - home made lasagne *the smell is killing me its soo good* and steamed veges.
I've just cooked some fresh salmon fillet and broc for dinner.
After dropping a seving of carb and doing hill climbs on the tready the weight is coming off - yay!! My o-l trainer said that even though i'm lifting weights to muscle fatigue i wont build muscle (being on a caloric deficient diet) but i really feel that my delts are starting to define a bit and bi's and tri's are too!!! I dont think its coz i'm leaning down a bit either. Last year i lost more weight than i have so far now and i didnt see any definition pop through at all.
So there you go - things are lookin' good !!!!! That will inspire me to work harder at the gym tonight. They have a new stepper type cross trainer that i tried last night - sheesh - it was like climbing the stairs 3 at a time while doing the cross trainer. My goal is tonight is 550 cals between that machine and the tready. I'll do my last lower workout for the week tomorrow night.
Then home at 9pm to watch the biggest loser (Australia) and off to bed.


  1. Sounds like you are in the groove! Keep up the good work!

  2. Definitely sounds like your nutrition plan is doing it's job. What you are seeing isn't muscle growth, but fat loss. It's all good! Keep it up!! :D