Sunday, March 13, 2011

this week

Its been a good week. no falling off the wagon, eating really good, going to the gym (although i was so buggered by friday arvo i just couldnt go to the gym - i was so tired i was starting to feel sick. i have a very physical job, running around after kids sports etc and fighting a massive mouth infection (wtf where did that come from?). my dentist said it was probably a blocked gland in the gum from any number of reasons but it took alot of antibiotics to get rid of it. not to mention squeezing in sinus and head scans the dentist wanted me to have just to be on the safe side coz it got so bad my ears started hurting !!!!
anyway i had to do a biweekly report to the o-l trainer and was very dismayed - a cm here maybe another one there. nothing to reflect the amount of effort ive put in. so i took things into my own hands and tweaked my diet a bit (sshhh, dont tell him). i have cut out one carb portion a day, did some hill climb interval walking on the treadmill after i do his weights workout programme and by today - sunday - my muffin top is going away - yeeeeeehaaaaaaa!
I know my body stores carbs like there is a world shortage coming on!!!. after reading one of my favourite blogs (cant remember which one!!!) she said different things work for different bodies and even though my o-l trainer says to eat these carbs i knew i was eating too many carbs for me to lose the weight. after i have leaned down and when i start building muscle i will eat as many carbs as he wants me to but this is working now so i'm gonna stick with it.
anyway, just a quick catch up, hope everyone has a slimming, energised week ahead!

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