Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dreaded Kids Leftovers

Day 17 sunday - i thought i survived the weekend but alas, i was watching biggest loser on sunday night and felt a bit restless. the kids were mucking up a bit and generally being annoying. then i heard this noise - it was my name being called out. "Amanda - come get me." So i tracked it down and it was coming from the fridge. "You know you want me, you don't need me but you WANT me!!!!!"
And then *poof* - i was sitting on the lounge eating a jam donut watching biggest loser - *STUUUUUUUUUUUPID, STUUUUUUUUUUUUPID ME*
It was the leftovers from the afternoon tea I had with my girlfriend on Saturday. The donuts were for the kids and stupid me did not throw out the leftovers. So now my challenge points are 26 - NOT HAPPY JAN (Aussie joke).
aarrgghh - i'm soooo disappointed in myself. Why cant i eat to live, not live to eat?? I think this will be a life long struggle for me :(.
Back to the gym tonight......


  1. I'm going to share a semi-quote from the book Body For Life - "People succeed because they perservere, not because they are perfect."
    I know I need to be reminded of that often!!

  2. I agree with Charlotte!! Success is what you do every day, not living up to your own high standards every moment!! Just get back up on the healthy eating horse!!!

  3. too true - thanks girls :)

  4. Its a struggle for all of us! But its the struggle that makes us stronger, I PROMISE!

    I love the irony of you eating a donut while watching biggest loser. :)