Sunday, February 27, 2011

the good and the bad !!

the bad first ..... kids friends over for sleepovers both Friday and Saturday = icecream and not so good food and i finally caved in Saturday and had twisties, a couple of nuggets and hot chips topped off with a bit of icecream (sheesh)
the good ..... went to the gym this morning and did 500 calories in 35 minutes on the treadmill - hill climb.
Not that it took off wht I ate but hey - it was better than nothing. I hope my online trainer doesnt find out about this blog hehehe
Food back on track today.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


  1. Wow, nice calorie burn! I rocked my intervals this morning, I had SO much energy. I love when that happens. Here's hoping we both have a successful week ahead full of healthy food and great workouts.

  2. Hey, my weekend was a lot worse than that! Don't beat yourself up:) At least you got yourself to the gym, which is more than I can say for me!
    Glad you're back on track!