Monday, July 11, 2011

Its amazing reading all the blogs i follow how many girls are in prep and its coming up or it is peak week for them. I dont know how these girls do it - 12 weeks of strict diet and workouts - i cant even do 12 days straight let alone 12 weeks. AND some of these girls have jobs and families to look after - they really are suuperwomen. Its kinda peak week for me atm - i had a reprieve with my mini challenge - it was supposed to end 4th July but the barby got moved a couple of weeks so it will end this weekend. Diet has been good except for yesterday but i knew it would happen. It was my eldest's 14th birthday and we had the fam over for nibbles and cake (and champers - oh how i love my champers!!). Its all good - I'm not beating myself up, i'll treat it as a cheat meal. Back on it today. I measured the widest part of my bum last night - you know, the bit under the cheeks that have the saddlebags at the sides!!!!! well I lost 3cm !!!! whether it was the weighted floor exercises or just a coincidence in timing - who knows? I'm not even going to get on the scales - its not important how much I weigh just the measurements. I'm just going to plod along, heavy workouts and cardio hiit, 1200 clean cals with low carbs and CONSISTENCY!! Might change the diet after around 4 weeks coz i might end up in a plateau, have to research that one.
Have a good week everyone :)


  1. You're right, don't beat yourself up over a treat meal. It's done and behind you. You've been doing great, a little treat here and there will probably keep you from plateauing.
    Have a great week!

  2. Hey Amanda! I tell you, I didn't know it was possible for me to diet like this but I did it! It has really taught me be disciplined and now I know how to get uber lean if I want to. It's tough for sure so even if you're doing it for a few weeks, it takes a lot of credit for that! Not a lot of people are as committed as you are. You're the right track girl!