Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its the same ol', same ol' going on around here. Weekdays on track 100% diet and gym, struggling on the weekends. I'm not posting daily diet coz most days are the same, just different protein and different veg - low carb veg! I'm lifting a bit heavier this week - db chest press 4 x 8 x 10kg instead of 9kg each hand, shoulder press db each arm up 1kg to 8kg, still cant really get past 5kg single lat raises without losing form after a few reps. Anyone suggest some good exercises for saddlebgags? squats, deadlifts, lunges hit my glutes and quads but miss the side bits. I do ad/abductor machine but you can only do so much on that, do cable with ankle cuff. Who believes in floor exercises with ankle weights?
Kinda gone off cardio a bit this week. Read somewhere that you get more bang for your buck lifting heavy weights than cardio (I already know this but it prompted me to do it) and i'm a bit time deficient this week and can spend no more than an hour in the gym per night. Dont have time to do both so i'm opting for weights only (my favourite) - am i taking the easy way out? thoughts anyone? (goal is still leaning down whilst keeping muscle - in caloric deficiency atm).
Anyway, love to hear some opinions!!
cheers, Amanda


  1. Always opt for weight training! You're doing great Amanda! How are your results coming along?


  2. I read that too (about the cardio). I think it was on Summergirl's blog. But yeah, I would so much rather do weights than cardio anyway. But on the other hand, I hear so many people say it's the way to go when you are near the end and need to lean out? I think floor exercises probably work, but it might take a while (judging by my own experience, it's no quick fix). You are probably doing everything you can by cutting out starchy carbs and training hard. And maybe upping the cals a little bit on the weekend is giving your metabolism a little kick? I think you are doing a FABULOUS job - and whatever size you are when you hit your goal date, you will be BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT and will rock whatever you wear =)

  3. Hey, how was your bbq with your friends?? Hope it was fun!