Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 Tuesday

I dont think i ate enough today. I didnt prep, didnt have enough good food in the house yesterday to set up a good day today.
M1: AllBran cereal and skim milk, tea (have to have this for the plumbing, dont want to, though, but ive got to.
M2: 15 almonds, protein pudding (protein powder, 1tsp cocoa powder, water and nuke) top with 1 tab fat free yoghurt, tea
M3: apple
M4: plunger coffee (gloria jeans) and skim milk, protein bar
M5: 100g beef steak, 1 cup veg

I havent been in nearly 2 weeks - kids sick, hubs sick then me sick! so the weights were only 1kg lighter than norm - not too bad!
All done with dumbbells:-
4 x 8 bench press s/s with
4 x 10 seated cable rows
4 x 8 delt circles s/s with
4 x 8 lat pulldowns
4 x 8 skull crushers s/s with
4 x 8 pec dec
4 x 8 dumbbell curls s/s with
4 x 20 weighted ab crunches on ball
3 x 8 shoulder press
cross trainer 15mins hiit
tready 15mins max incline (15%) 7kph
Feels good to get back into it. Havent done measurements yet will do that later tonight.
Have prepped heaps of goodies so food will be more on track tomorrow

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