Sunday, June 26, 2011

I kow this is not fitness related but i've been having facial treatments for anti-aging. ive had IPL 2 weeks ago, backing up with CIT needling next week, then 2 weeks after that another IPL treatment and then a multi vitamin infusion 2 weeks after that. I've always looked after my skin coz its quite problematic !!! and i feel i'm struggling lately. nearing 50 my skin is changing, doesnt respond as quickly or effectively as say 5 years ago. The mind is early 30's, however the body is alway telling me otherwise!!!!! I have before photos so when ive finished in 4 weeks i'll take more and post them. Does anyone else spend alot of time and money on their skin??? I'd love to hear some tips on anti-aging. I know diet and exercise are number one and two on the list. Supplements??? any thoughts appreciated.

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