Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Warning: the following post may cause drowsiness ...
M1: Allbran cereal and skim milk (only coz i have to), protein pudding
M2: 13 almonds, 100g chicken, veges
M3: skim soy capaccino, protein bar
M4: 100g rump steak, veges
M5: 1/2 small tub fat free yoghurt

Dont think i ate enough today - must do the sums ...
Couldnt go to the gym due to brooke's dancing commitments but i managed to do a light w/o at home for chest and tris - better than nothing i suppose.
Sorry about the boring post everyone. will try and make it a bit more interesting soon - maybe some photos !!

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  1. Hi Amanda! How's it going? I didn't get drowsy reading your blog! lol... you're too funny. You're right, doing some workout at home is better than nothing ... keep it up girl!

    Hey, do you track your calories? When I wasn't in contest prep I tracked mine using the free online account at www.thedailyplate.com ... I'm not sure if you like doing that kind of stuff.

    Have a great day Amanda!