Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 - 25 - 35

.... my macro ratio - 40% protein, 25% carb and 35% fat. I know some people think the carb is too low and the fat probably too high but it's kinda been working lately. My body responds to low carb - its been proven. The fat ??? not sure. This is normally higher than what i'm used to but research proves you need the good fats. My skin is really dry this winter and i'm struggling a bit with it so I'm sure this will help. The fats are mainly from nuts, olive oil and fish oil supps - all good. So this is typically how my diet will be this week:-
M1 - Allbran and skim milk, 3 fish oil caps
M2 - 5 egg white and tomato omlette cooked in 5ml olive oil
M3 - 13g almonds, 1/2 tub fat free yoghurt or fat free cottage cheese
M4 - tuna salad and dressing - 10ml olive oil, balsamic vinegar
M5 - protein powder pudding (mix with a little water and newk) and 1 tab fat free yougurt
M6 - 100g protein, steamed veg
M7 - protein pudding and 1tab fat free yoghurt
add a few cups of tea, skin hair and nail tonic and maybe a coffee
Total cals 1200 - 120g protein, 75g carb, 46g fat
I didn't go to the gym tonight coz my back and pelvis are aching too much so i dropped a protein pudding - i'm not at all hungry.
Cant wait to see the results of the diet !!! (fingers crossed!)


  1. Good luck! You're gonna do great!

  2. I usually keep my fats lower and carbs a bit higher. But if it's working, go with it!

    I keep forgetting it's winter by you! It's 95F right now where I'm at. We're all melting! You're winters don't get too bad (cold) though, do they?

    Keep us posted with how the diet works out!!