Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow - a reality check

I havent done a food diary in weeks. got cockey - thought i knew my stuff - thought i could visualise. Well, i was WRONG !!!!!! i didnt eat much last Friday - too busy trying to squeeze in work, organising kids for movies, pick ups, etc and some shopping. So i got to the afternoon and thought i havent eaten much, not sure what to have and really - how many cals have i eaten??? so i sat on the computer and pulled up my food log document did a quick calculation and amazed myself that i only had 200 cals left to eat dinner and a post workout meal. eeeeekkkk!
Back to basics girl. It was good food though - i added 1/2 banana to bran cereal for breakkie, had 2 serves of nuts instead of one, had other 1/2 banana with tub yoghurt, extra tin of tuna and an egg yolk with my egg white omlette. But calories add up. So a bit more research on the net, decided to do macros 40, 40, 20 for weight loss and plan out and document daily food.
I just need to lean down enough to be able to start eating more and building muscle - that's when the fun starts!. im really working out hard with heavy weights to failure (well hard and heavy in a calorie deficit) so i've refocussed, reassessed and got back to basics.
BTW I didnt wear the skinnies i had planned for my dinner I had but was very happy with the measurements i got down to. (will post piccies when my girlfriends send them to me - my camera battery died)
New Goal - 2.5cm or 1 inch off widest part of bum in 14 days !!!!

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  1. Great way to roll with events... and a great new plan!

    I love your ticker at the top of your blog... how do you measure 'living healthy'?