Monday, November 1, 2010


Why is it that dieting or even clean eating lifestyle is like a house of cards? You get tempted by one thing, give in and eat it and the whole house comes tumbling down.

Yesterday - halloween ! Here in Australia we dont celebrate as seriously as America but our kids still went trick or treating and I also had to have a bowl of stash ready for our doorbell to go off.

So I'm emptying the packets of crap (I mean treats!) into the bowl and how can I resist the choccies????? I only let my kids eat the lollies or choccies that come pre-packed individually so I provide the same. I'm talking Time Outs, mini dairy milk bars, mini mars bars and when I got started I started scoffing the boiled lollies and redskins - I dont even like them *aaarrrggghhh*.

So the cards kept tumbling, and tumbling, and tumbling down.

I said to hubby that he can organise dinner (I rarely do this) and of course - he ordered pizza - the lazy sod. And I ate and ate and ate. My 12 yo daughter Brooke came home from a trick or treat birhday party later on and guess what????? - I started scoffing the ones she didnt like.

I went to bed feeling sick and my heart racing with all the chemicals running through my veins.

How do you resist the temptation? How do you stop at just one? Its going to take me all week at the gym just to catch up - and thats just for last weekend. I'm still catching up from the weekend before and the one before that !!!!!

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