Sunday, November 14, 2010

No progress whatsoever this last week. Lets see, recovering from being sick, organising and sewing Brooke's (12yo daughter) dance costume (huge drama there) cant seem to find motivation and just generally looking after family life.
Had Brooke's swim/sleepover birthday party last night - pizza, chocolate cake, m&m's, chips, pancakes for breakfast etc, etc, etc and of course I had to eat it as well - bummer. After the girls all went home at lunchtime today, Brooke and I went into Westfields to do some shopping and I picked up this lovely black and white haulter dress for $28 !!! Fits perfectly, non iron and hides all my bad bits and shows off the good ones. Great - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! I need things that make me look yuck and to put the fear in me to get back on track!!!!
I'm going for a walk tonight (when it cools down - its been 35 degrees (centigrade) today. I'll have to walk a few suburbs away to find the big hilly streets (very flat where I live) but my gym closes 12noon on a Sunday (a bit frustrating). I'm going to plan my menu for this week (and also the rest of the family's menu) organise my workout sessions, pull my head in and just DO IT !!!
Keep you posted !!!!

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