Friday, September 9, 2011

Just plodding along! Doing lots of heavy weights to failure *yay*. Havent done cardio for 2 weeks coz i hurt my lower back then had a flemmy chest that just made me cough when i went on the cross trainer - i sounded like a 50 a day smoker!!
Back into cardio today. Did 4 x 10 (failure) each of chest, back and abs then 5 mins of cardio, then repeat the whole thing 4 times (different exercises each round). Did mountain climber (hate that machine) then crosstrainer - 5 mins including 4 x 30 seconds of hiit each time.
Eating really good except weekend treat - i know, i know - i gotta get over this weekend thing! Have been reading jamie eason's 12 week challenge on she's giving me inspiration - its basically what i'm doing now anyway. i've just got to be more consistant on the weekends.
A lady in the shops yeterday told me there's 16 weeks til christmas - eeks !!!! Is that a 16 week challenge i hear in the background!!!!!
Have a great week everyone :)

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