Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ball is rolling

I've been in a bit of a plateau lately. Now all of a sudden i'm losing weight. I tried on a pair of white 3/4 crop pants that now fit me (never worn before). How did i do it you ask? well, the answer is ..... I don't know!!!!! maybe taking jack3d before my workouts and training harder? (not that i feel i'm working harder). maybe splitting my 20min hiit cardio into 4 x 5 minute bursts spaced out in my weights workout? i just dont know!! but hey - thats great news for me. Diet is still good but suffers a bit on the weekend but i guess thats just my lifestyle taking over my willpower at the moment.
This weight loss has inspired and motivated me to go harder and be more disciplined and its such a good feeling. I think its time to do progress pics and stats next week. have a supercharged week everyone!


  1. That's great news! Isn't it funny how actually seeing and feeling results just motivates you even more? I love it, good for you!

  2. YOU ROCK! Spacing the HIIT in between your weights workout is a GREAT idea! I might have to try that!! Glad to hear you are making progress - you deserve it!

  3. Hi Amanda, I am glad to hear you are having success again with your weight. I am frustrated because of my injury as I haven't been able to exercise. My weight goes up, then down, then up...all over the place at the moment. Tomorrow is the day that I plan to return to my exercise regime even if I have to go very slow, it will be better than nothing...and time to get my eating habits back on track.