Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a slight deviation

Diet going pretty good - probably around 90%. Exercise going really good - happy with my performance. Sunday - a big no-no dietwise. My girlfriend and I took our girls to see the musical Hairspray. We booked it 3 months ago and were looking forward to it - a great day out in the city.
My girlfriend is on a diet as well, although not as hard-core as me at the moment. However, lunch was yum cha at Chinatown (omg barbeque pork rolls to die for) I should have taken photos! It was really good chinese food, really enjoyed it. Then off to Star City for the show. Just had to have a champers to take into the show!! Intermission - a magnum icecream and malteasers - YUM. The show was FANTASTIC!!!!! Afterwards we wandered around the city, the girls bought some clothes and we all had a Gloria Jeans. A great day but not so good for the diet. But it was a treat and i'm going to enjoy it.
Back to it on Monday. I bought some Jack3d coz i'm so tired before i even hit the gym. I was blogging to Lisa so i thought i'd give it try. does anybody else use this? i crashed and burned terribly afterwards (thank goodness i go to the gym at night so i can go to bed afterwards). Is this something I can use every day? I would love your comments.

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  1. I've been meaning to ask you, what is champers?

    If I work out at night, I always crash afterwards too. And I sleep really well. Funny because most of the stuff I read says it's supposed to do the opposite! Guess I'm an odd ball.

    Glad you had fun at the musical. It sounds awesome.