Sunday, October 9, 2011

I really dont know how people can eat junk food all the time!  I have been pretty slack lately, well ok, really bad lately and boy how i'm paying for it now.  Headaches, tired, listless, thirsty, unmotivated, sore stiff muscles, bloated stomach, yuk.  Hubby is away for a week for work so I cant go to the gym.  My plan?  Home workouts - pumped up the swiss ball that will act as my bench and incline bench so i can do any exercises for dumbbells.  I am roughly following Jamie Eason's 12 week challenge (jumping in at phase 2) so I will adapt her weights to dumbbell exercises.  The only thing I cant do is cardio (with my back/pelvis problems I can only do tready or xtrainer) so I will plonk myself in front of the telly (in between car pooling for kids sports etc) and do lots of weights.
Food will be a bit different.  I basically did Jamie's diet previously and it got so monotonous I got bored and craved something tastier (aka junk). I just did meat/chicken and steamed veg - I dont know how you comp girls do it - a big hats off to you all !!! So im trying some recipes out of Aussie oxygen mag and its basically within the parameters of her diet.  For example, orange quinoa salad - cold cooked quinoa with onion, celery, tomatoes and any other veg and the dressing of orange zest, juice, flaxseed oil, pepper - basically its complex carb and veg.  Also chicken florentine - fillets baked in a tin of crushed tomatoes, italian herbs, garlic, a few olives, baby spinach, topped with a little parmesan cheese (optional).  Add that to the orange quinoa salad and its protein, complex carb and veg!  It just doesnt seem like it! I'll post the good recipes.  I also stumbled upon the blog The Bikini Baker so i'll try some of her recipes. So, lots of prep, inspiration and motivation needed to get on track.  I didnt lose the plot totally! I still fit into my jeans, they're just a bit snug !!!! Here's some inspiration ......

 One day .........
Have a fit and fab week everyone !

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  1. I'm so glad you are following the 12 week trainer too!! It's so nice to have someone to talk to that is doing what you are doing. I like those recipe ideas, can't wait to hear more from you. I hope to be able to contribute some tastey ideas in the future as well.
    "Belief triggers the power to do"