Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Finished It !!!

I actually finished the 6 day Duigin detox diet (don't laugh, i know it was only 6 days but there were NO carbs at all!).

I lost 4kg of toxic bloat and did end up with a flat stomach (well mainly upper stomach, still have to work on the below belly button area) and in clothes I look totally flat!  My muffin top has diminished as well.
Duigan reckons you get heaps on energy but I disagree.  Totally no carbs drained me.  So now I'm keeping on this lifetyle way of eating but adding my multigrain oats made on water in the morning and a complex carb an hour or so before my workouts.  I'm also adding avocado, nuts, flaxseed oil/olive oil as well. And, don't forget my skim soy capaccino once a day!
I went to a family christening yesterday and back at the reception the food was never ending.  So I chose a chicken breast which I took the skin off, salad no dressing and for desert I ate fresh fruit (the choices for desert were ridiculously sumptuous).  I drank 3 bottles of water so I was the designated driver.
I felt great.  So my main focus is clean and lean foods only and only 2/3 serves of clean complex carbs a day.  I'm hitting the gym this week (I tried last week but felt awful on the first night because of the no carb thing and I had to keep my energy for my work).

Have  great week everyone!


  1. good for you! I bet you are glad it's over now! Good luck this week at the gym :)

  2. Well done be you feel great now. Hope your PL arrives soon, the only thing I could suggest is to journal when you can because you do forget (well I do lol) when it arrives it's not such a big job to catch up.