Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Life

I finally received my PL kit in the mail! I didnt decide to do this project until towards the end of January so I didnt have a lot of photos to choose from. I'm more aware now of taking photos!!
Future pages will be more interesting!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Finished It !!!

I actually finished the 6 day Duigin detox diet (don't laugh, i know it was only 6 days but there were NO carbs at all!).

I lost 4kg of toxic bloat and did end up with a flat stomach (well mainly upper stomach, still have to work on the below belly button area) and in clothes I look totally flat!  My muffin top has diminished as well.
Duigan reckons you get heaps on energy but I disagree.  Totally no carbs drained me.  So now I'm keeping on this lifetyle way of eating but adding my multigrain oats made on water in the morning and a complex carb an hour or so before my workouts.  I'm also adding avocado, nuts, flaxseed oil/olive oil as well. And, don't forget my skim soy capaccino once a day!
I went to a family christening yesterday and back at the reception the food was never ending.  So I chose a chicken breast which I took the skin off, salad no dressing and for desert I ate fresh fruit (the choices for desert were ridiculously sumptuous).  I drank 3 bottles of water so I was the designated driver.
I felt great.  So my main focus is clean and lean foods only and only 2/3 serves of clean complex carbs a day.  I'm hitting the gym this week (I tried last week but felt awful on the first night because of the no carb thing and I had to keep my energy for my work).

Have  great week everyone!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to me !!

It was my birthday on Thursday - 2nd February and I turned 48 !!! So now I'll have to change the name of my blog.

Unfortunately, I had to work and I did 2 jobs so I was tired when I got home. Normally at our house the birthday person chooses their favourite dinner and gets their favourite birthday cake but I opted not to. Why? I've been on a 6 day detox/tummy flattening diet since Monday. I had put on nearly 5kg over Christmas/New Year/school hols/Australia Day! OMG - bloat city.

So I bought a book that dear hubby Phil talked about last Christmas. I didn't buy it then coz I knew he wouldn't go on it and thought it a waste of money. It's the James Duigan Clean and Lean Flat Tummy Fast. After 4 days I've lost 3kg!!! All bloating has gone and it feels great. There's no secret magic to it - just lean protein and (certain) salad/veg for 5 meals a day, water, green tea, fih oil tabs, fibre powder, vitamin tab. Next week I will add 2/3 serves of complex carbs (oats, sweet potatoes, allbran cereal (need that one!) and my beloved skim soy capaccino! The book is well presented and had some great recipes and wasn't expensive so it served as a motivator.

Another motivator was meeting one of my idols - Shannon Ponton - one of the trainers from Biggest Loser (Australia). It was pure luck to meet him coz there were so many people there and I was in the right spot at the right time. My picture even made the local papers. Needless to say its on the fridge and I have saved a few copies!
My 9 yo Daniel is in the picture but my other kids were too cool to go up!!! Shannon is such a powerhouse and everytime I've waivered this week i just look to the photo on the fridge for inspiration!

Have a good weekend everyone!