Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meals for Wednesday

This is what I plan to eat for Wednesday:-

M1:  All-bran cereal and skim milk and capaccino (waiting on an order of steel cut oats - had to order them from Tasmania (2 states away) as i cant find them in any shops near where I live - how stupid is that!)

M2: Amazing shake - protein powder, diet yoghurt, prune juice, freshly ground chia seeds and linseeds, 1/3 frozen banana and ice - blended and drunk on the run between jobs

M3:  shredded spicy beef (done in croc pot - lean cut of beef with heaps of spices cooked til it shreds) mixed in a  salad of baby rocket, red capsicum, spanish onion and cucumber

M4:  capaccino and handful of almonds

M5:  steamed fresh salmon and veg

2 litres of water, krill oil supps, multi

No meal 6 today as I cant go to the gym due to injury - slipped off the back steps and landed on my left glute, hit my head on the footpath and thru out my upper back - ouch.  i can hardly bend and changing gears is a whole new world of pain!

Happy Wednesday !

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