Sunday, June 3, 2012

Its been a while .....

I havent blogged in ages! Its been such a horrible year, its not an excuse - just the reason.  It hasnt justified my bad eating or my lack of exercise or healthy living.  First off I became very sick, couldnt stomach anything healthy (I know, that sounds ridiculous but all I could eat was carbs and mainly procesed ones like toast, muffins etc).  That started February and I have only got over that about 4 weeks ago.
Then family dramas followed and without going into it I was absolutely devestated and there were questions that are not able to be answered and I wont get closure for quite a while yet.  It all seems too overwhelming and just too hard to take on board.
But unfortunately I didnt dig deep and took this opportunity to eat all the foods that I shouldnt.  I didnt even enjoy it at the time and felt guilty.  It was just mindless grazing on crappy foods.  Feeling lethargic, no energy, vicious cycle. Being a couch potato and not getting to bed til after midnight.  My skin is starting to suffer.  I am usually  a slave to my face as I had a lot of sun damage in the past but over the last 5 years I have "turned back time" and am pleased with the results.  I havent resorted to any botox, filler or procedure - just very good products and  facials and healthy lifestyle.
But I noticed how tired my skin is now looking and the fine lines around the eyes are coming back.
I'm nearly 50.  Time to detox and to detox my mind.  I cant remember the last time I felt really happy with how I look and feel and realise I have to lower the bar of expectation.  I know its ridiculously high and out of my reach for me personally due to my kids and family life/health and back issues and my gruelling job.  But I'm a bit of a perfectionist and thats where it all comes undone.  Its either all or nothing - a stupid mindset. So, first step is a list.
List of things to give up and conquor :-
1.  Im addicted to strong expresso coffee - at least 4 cups a day.  Got to get it down to 1 a day
2.  I bake kids recesses and snacks instead of prepackaged shop bought stuff.  Stop eating these especially with item 1. above!
3.  Sleep, sleep and more sleep - in bed by 10.30 pm
4.  More regular gym sessions - at least 3 a week to begin with then minimum 4 x a week
5.  Eat only healthy non processed foods.  Not worry about counting cals or splitting macros at the moment.  Good carbs til 3pm.  Just concentrate on quality to get back in the groove.
Thats it to start with - just old fashion back to basics.
Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Amanda,

    You can do it. I've been struggling this year too but I think you've got the right idea to work on a few things at a time. I'm a perfectionist too, which is worst thing I think for eating well and keeping fit. I'm definitely an all or nothing person and need to work on finding the middle ground too. Hope you've had a good week and managed to make a start on your goals.

  2. Hi Amanda!!! Nice to see you back and that you're doing well! I can't believe you're almost 50 ... you look like you're in your early 40s! I think the important thing is that you get back on the wagon if you happen to fall down. Yay you're back!